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Call out to Writers:
new writing showcase of Monologues 


ProducerWorks  in collaboration with Bath Spa Productions is looking for writers to collaborate with directors and producers for a new writing platform that celebrates new voices of our current times.


We are inviting writers to work with directors and producers to create monologues,  scenes  and characters  that reflect moments that interest, provoke or comfort us. These original pieces of writing will be presented in a public showcase in Jan 2022.

We will be looking  at a  5 min (approx) monologue for the showcase. 

Writers are invited to attend a rehearsal to develop their monologue with a producer, director and actor. This is optional to attend but all costs will be covered. 

Writers will be given a royalty payment for the use of their work. 

All copyright and ownership of the monologue remains with the writer. 

If you are interested in working with us then please submit your ideas to:  and include the following: 


  • A brief outline of your idea or themes for your monologue

  • Short notes around character (if appropriate) 

  • A small sample of your writing 

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